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International talents headhunting service covers senior and above senior level talents of industrial manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, financial banking, filming, engineering, IT, education and training, professional sports and coaching as well as other industries. The comprehensive professional headhunting team reaches international talents in more than 120 countries and regions through multiple sources. We are able to accurately locate middle and high-end talents in different specialties, effectively attract targeted candidates. We are committed to meeting the global talent needs of every enterprise.

01 Hiring Need Stage

Generalize the hiring need and confirm the requirement for expat services.

02 Service Agreement Stage

Provide company background and job opening information.Based on the appraisal, adjust and confirm the hiring need.Reach the final agreement with the expat service company.

03 Resume Selection Stage

Based on the specific job position, the expat service company shall select the proper platforms to advertise the hiring need.Receive the resumes and select the proper candidates in a timely manner.

04 Interview Stage 

The expat service company shall organize the interviews for the proper candidates.Provide interview feedback in a timely manner.

05 Labor Relationship Confirmation Stage

The expat service company shall conduct background check on the candidate based on the employment need and the salary system and assist the candidate to reach the labor contract with the employer.

06 On Board Stage 

The expat service company shall assist the new employee to obtain his or her Chinese visa; make sure his or her arrival; and follow up with the employee and obtain his or her legal permits for staying locally.

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