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Intelligence City · Shandong Free Trade Zone (Qingdao) International Talents Community

Intelligence City Shandong Free Trade Zone(Qingdao) International Talents Community adheres to the construction idea of "Workable, Livable, Open and United", creates a "similar to overseas" development environment for international entrepreneurs and talents, gathers excellent foreign talents, domestic talents who studied overseas, and local talents with global vision and competitiveness. We provide one-stop services including headhunting, application of local work and residence permits, and other suitable commercial relocation services for living, working, studying and innovating, to create a livable and characteristic community with service guaranteed and multi-cultural atmosphere for the mutual benefits of global talents and industrial development.

SDITC boasts two offline service facilities, the ITC Cooperation Hub in the south and the ITC Full-Chain Agent Service Center in the north, which link the innovation and entrepreneurship platforms in the whole SDPFTZ Qingdao Area to realize the functions of comprehensive service for talent, reception, training, roadshow, space sharing, etc.

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